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honestly the masked figure was caleb and he just came to shoot everyone up because he’s pissed his show got canceled


parenting tips from jessica dilaurentis: when witnessing your daughter being hit over the head with a rock, immediately assume she is dead and bury her in your backyard without so much as checking for a pulse

What did you learn being on a long-standing series that you have brought to this series?
JL: Composure. Just having that experience coming from One Tree Hill has given me a lot of confidence, walking onto a set. I feel like I could walk onto any set now, just because I’ve got so much time on set under my belt. Playing sort of a smaller role in Crisis, sometimes it’s harder going onto a show when you’re not one of the major roles. But I think bringing that confidence from my previous experience on a set has helped me out a lot.


What do you think your character Nathan would be up to if you were to reconvene? I’m sure he’d have five or six kids by then. Probably embarking on some new career choice, because he can never seem to stay put in one thing for more than a couple years. And hopefully he’s still devastatingly handsome.